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Spare-Ribs, Steak and vegetables fresh from our smoker

come and enjoy our barbecue at Gut Huegle

Crunchy Spare Ribs/ "Leiterle" (pork grilled in the special smoker, special local dish). Fresh variety of local homegrown salads Delicious barbecue and grill sauces.

Gourmet Barbecue Buffet
Wild Scottish salmon smoked in beechwood
Crunchy Spare Ribs/ "Leiterle" ( pork grilled in the special smoker, special local dish)
Filled fillet of pork
Mediterranean leg of lamb
Vegetables, potatoes & filled grilled tomatoesl

Premium Barbecue Buffet
Scotch fillet (local German beef grilled à la minute)
Grilled king prawns

Large Groups (40 people or more)

For more information please contact us per phone or via e-mail. Furthermore there could be special arrangements for smaller groups on special days or bank holidays, possible dates will be published on Facebook or will be given calling us.

Grillspezialitäten aus dem Holzofengrill auf dem Erlebnisbauernhof zwischen Ravensburg und Bodensee.

Barbecue at Gut Huegle. Grill buffet at the family farm in Ravensburg Lake Constance south Germany