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Welcome to the historic Huegle family estate in Bottenreute! Located between the medieval city of Ravensburg and Lake Constance, the estate boasts a picturesque setting and enjoys the renowned therapeutic climate of Upper Swabia – with over 1700 hours of sunshine each year, Upper Swabia is one of Germany’s sunniest regions.

Relax and reinvigorate yourself wandering through the meadows, forests and fields of the most famous fruit-producing region north of Lake Constance. On the ancient, yet updated, Huegle estate you can forget the fuss and worries of everyday life.

Originally created in the 14th century, the estate’s current size and shape was established in the time of Napoleon, in the 19th century. Today, in its 10th generation, the Huegle estate is led by Wolfgang Huegle and the main focus of the farm is sweet cherry production. It’s no wonder that locals and guests alike have taken to calling the Huegle estate, ‘Cherry Paradise’ – on the sun-filled southern slopes of estate’s orchards, cherries mature earlier and longer than cherries from many other farms.

You can taste the difference in the cherries themselves and in the easy-drinking, award-winning fruit schnapps produced here at our own, on-site distillery. Cheers!

About Gut Huegle. Family Farm with a history in Ravensburg at Lake Constance South Germany.