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Cherry orchard

pick your own cherries - a fun experience for the whole family!

the cherry orchard

Our fresh cherry products are available daily from June until the beginning of August each year – the Hügle estate is a true Paradise for any cherry lover during this time.

Cherry picking Pick your own cherries in our orchards till your heart’s content – a great experience and a lot of fun for everyone in the family.

Cherries for sale. A large selection of cherries of different qualities and package sizes is available to choose from. The cherries are sold from the farmyard.

Sheltered plantation. You can even go picking your own cherries when it's raining, you won't get wet. You may also have a look at the current weather by checking out our webcam.

The main reason to add a roof on the plantation is to ensure consistent high quality. Due to the roof, the cherries will not burst and can be left hanging on the tree till they are perfectly mellow.

Use one of our bowls to collect and carry the cherries you pick. To make things even easier we offer a wagon, free of charge, for you to use to transport your cherries through the orchards. The wagon makes it easy to bring your picnic basket and drinks with you as well! Sometimes the wagon is even more fun for the kids than the cherries.

You can wander freely through the orchards in search of the best fruit. The cherry trees in our new orchards are maximum 3-4 meters high so you won’t need a ladder – even kids can reach high enough to reach the cherries.

Weighing the cherries and paying for them is done at the cashier in the barn after picking them. Adults entrance fee is 2 €, the Kids fee is 1€. The cherries you collect will be priced on the daily cherry rate.

Cherry Orchard at Gut Hügle. Cherries and Cherry picking at the Family Farm in Ravensburg at Lake Constance in South Germany.