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Bottenreute | Ravensburg
Family Farm
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Panorama bar apartments

Originally built by the current owner's grandfather, the estate's main barn – renowned at the time of construction in 1937 for its size and quality workmanship – has been carefully restored and expanded to include a row of beautiful, fully modern vacation apartments.
Completed in 2005, the new addition blends in harmoniously with the traditional architecture of the estate. Stylish, modern architectural elements made from wood native to the area and other natural-looking materials beautifully accent and enhance the structure.

The barn is perched on a hill facing the south. This southern exposure allows to experience a unique, unspoilt view of meadows and forests and a panoramic view of Lake Constance and the Alps.

Each new vacation apartment offers an impressive list of features including: all-natural hardwood flooring in the living room and bedrooms, terracotta ceramic tiles in all bathrooms and a well-equipped, built-in kitchen (including an oven, stove top, refrigerator and in some cases a dishwasher).

Each apartment also comes with a telephone, a television with satellite reception and high speed internet access via the estate's wireless local network.

Panorama barn at Gut Hügle. Apartments and room on the family farm at the lake of constance in Ravesburg.

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